Quietly, the kitchen supplies market has started an ambush war

Seven things for the common people to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea - and these seven things are basically done in the kitchen - how important the kitchen is for daily consumption.

"Pot" is used in every household, but in the era of food and clothing, basically every household has only two pots: a large black iron pot for cooking, and an aluminum soup pot for cooking soup and rice.

With the obvious improvement of people's housing conditions, the kitchen has become a major investment in home decoration. In addition to the necessary basic hardware investment such as range hoods and gas stoves, more and more families have begun to consider what kind of pot to buy as a problem to consider when decorating and configuring the kitchen.

Compared with the household appliances and mobile phone industries, which are surging and causing media wars at every turn, the kitchen supplies industry is very low-key.

But after nearly two decades of development, the basic pattern of China's kitchen products industry has been formed:

Local Corps: Representative brands: Supor, Ai Shida. These two brands basically occupy the mid-range market. Compared with Astara, Supor and Astara are considered juniors, but the entangled relationship between the two is classically reflected in the joint venture negotiation with French SEB - Astara had already been in love with SEB's concubine, but at the wedding, she found that SEB's bride had become Supor. Shopping malls are like love fields, and since then, Supor and Aishda have been deeply resentful. From the point of view of sales, Supor is currently in the top spot, but Astard is not willing to give up, and invited Sun Li as its image spokesperson to fight head-to-head with Supor in the supermarket channel. The rise of these two brands is due to the staking of supermarket chains such as Carrefour and Wal-Mart in China in the 1990s. Su and Ai closely followed the international chain hypermarkets. Wherever they opened, the market coverage was the same as to where. The operation system of the international KA is very complex, with a lot of extortionate and miscellaneous taxes. The local small power brands cannot operate this complicated mode of national operation at all. The local store channels are completely occupied by these two powerful brands.

International Corps: Representative brands: Zwilling, Fissler, TOWER British Tower Bridge. The first two brands are all German, and the products have typical German product characteristics: they are very particular about materials and workmanship – the thick steel makes each pot full of texture, and at the same time makes many consumers feel that the pot has not been filled with anything. , you can't take it anymore. TOWER British Tower Bridge is a century-old British kitchenware brand that officially entered the Chinese market in 2016. It is obviously different from the previous two German brands. TOWER's products emphasize a century-old British design, innovative quality, and a model of exquisite life. The products look like More design sense - not only the appearance is more in line with the colors and materials of modern home decoration, but also to help consumers solve the trouble of cooking, to develop design products.

From a marketing point of view, Zwilling is undoubtedly one of the earliest companies in the international army to enter the Chinese market: since the 1990s, Zwilling has started a tough brand battle in the market: department stores, TV shopping, points redemption... none everywhere. In recent years, the endorsement of Huang Xiaoming, the pervasive LOGO feature in popular TV dramas, and the repeated oral broadcasts where the characters in the drama make consumers feel embarrassed. Very offbeat. Fissler, on the other hand, upholds the reserved German brand, always emphasizes the original import, and is unwilling to enter the TV shopping channel with self-depreciation. Accordingly, its market share is not as high as that of Zwilling. Although TOWER British Tower Bridge has just entered the Chinese market, it has a history of more than 100 years in the UK and is the founder of the British pressure cooker. Different from the German products mainly made of stainless steel, TOWER has used the clay technology to perfection. With clay as the coating and alloy as the pot body, the products are fashionable, lightweight and durable. The TOWER experience store in China has been quietly opened in Shanghai Lingkong SOHO, and the TOWER Light Food Academy has been launched, which closely links the TOWER brand with the "TOWER light food culture". With TOWER, consumers can easily enjoy easy cooking. , smoke-free, moderate, balanced and delicious healthy light food. This practice of no longer targeting the sale of pots, but spreading the culture of healthy light food, has brought a new case to the marketing of kitchen supplies.

It seems that the overall situation of the kitchen supplies market has been settled at present, but with the high-profile announcement of Midea to enter the cooking utensil market, Gree, Xiaomi, etc. have also launched rice cookers that cook rice. This originally low-key and traditional industry has also quietly started. an ambush battle.


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