Management idea


1.Staff shall put clients first in every move that they make.

After enterprises change into the buyer’s market from the seller’s market, consumers also change their consumption concepts. Quality not only means inherent quality of products, but also a series of factors including products’ packaging quality, service quality and so on. So we must meet demands of the wide range of clients in an all-round way and to the greatest extent.


(1)We shall improve our service system, enhance before-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service, and timely solve any problem that clients encounter during the use of products so that they can feel convenience substantially.

(2)We shall pay enough attention to clients’ advice, allow them to participate into decision-making, and regard the treatment of clients’ opinions as an important step to make clients satisfied.

(3)We shall establish a client-centered mechanism, among which establishment of every institution, reform of service process and so on must focus on clients’ demands and establish a quick response mechanism to address clients’ opinions.


2.Three Elements of Clients’ Satisfaction:

Product Satisfaction: referring to clients’ satisfaction with product quality.


Service Satisfaction: referring to clients’ affirmative attitude towards the before-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service of the products that they’ve purchased. No matter how perfect our products are and how reasonable the pricing is, when products are offered to the market, it depends on service. “After-sale Service Makes Permanent Clients”.


Enterprise Image Satisfaction: referring to positive opinions of the public on an enterprise's comprehensive strength and overall impression.